PT Anugrah Multi Cipta Karya - Engineering Consultant
(founded 1992)

Office: Jl. Situ Aksan 29, Bandung 40221, INDONESIA
Tel: +62-22-6041685, 6002832, 6074498, 6074668. Fax: +62-22-6003595
Homepage:    E-mail:   WA: +62-87825670070

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PT Anugrah Multi Cipta Karya - Engineering Consultant


Providing people with safe, functioning, economical, efficient, sustainable and constructible structures.
1. Provides Safe, Functioning, Economical, Reliable, Constructible and Good Quality
Design for our customers according to the latest available codes and development
2. Provides Advanced and Affordable Engineering Design Software and Training for
Civil Engineers all over the world
Professional Engineer, Structures, Buildings
Professional Engineer, Civil Engineering, Tower, Bridges, Etc.
Special Building Design Working Permit (SIBP) Class A, Structure, DKI Jakarta
Permit to work all over Indonesia for Civil and Geotechnical Engineering
Membership: Indonesian Society of Structural Engineers (HAKI)
Indonesian Society of Geotechnical Engineers (HATTI)
Geotechnical Engineering Centre (GEC)
Indonesian Inventor Society (HPI)
Working Experiences
PT Anugrah Multi Cipta Karya Engineering Consultant was established in 1995 and has more than 20 years of experiences in designing various types of projects including: Resort, Apartment, Mall, Hotel, Office, Bridges, Tower, Campuses, Hospitals, Schools, Housing estate, Coal mining facilities, Port and Road infrastructures, Elevated road, Power plant, Factory, Warehouses, Structural audit and strengthening, etc. Various projects that we have designed from 1000 m2 to 350,000 m2 are:
Apartment Soho@pancoran (APG, Jakarta), Vimala Hills (APG, Ciawi), Hotel Aston Resort and Training Center BCA (Sentul), Hotel Falatehan, Wisma WCA2 (Slipi), Kampus Ukrida II, Apartment Lavande (Tebet), Apartment Casablanca Mansion (Tebet), Tapa City Mall and Hotel (Jakarta), Apt. Marina Residences, Hotel V (Tebet), Superindo (Kemayoran), Gedung Sinar Mas (Tanah Abang), Hotel Asia (Bandengan), Bank BCA (Tanah Abang), Preliminary Design Overpass Tn.Abang-Kp. Melayu, Audit Gedung KCU BCA (22 Kota se Indonesia), Hotel Santika Simatupang, Apt. Skyline Cawang (2 Tower), Apartment Privillege (Bandung), Synthesis Tower (Gatot Subroto, Jakarta), dll.
Structural strengthening of Avia Tour Bungur dan Hayam Wuruk,
Structural strengthening at Bukit Indah City Purwakarta (5 unit),
Structural and Foundation strengthening at Bukit Indah City (2 locations),
Structural strengthening at Bukit Indah City dengan Jacking (1 location).
Bandung area:
Apt. Privillege (Bandung), Apartment Parahyangan Residences (2 Towers, APG), Pusat Konvensi Bandung Gasibu (APG), Apt dan Hotel Grand Ciumbuleuit 2 (3 Towers, BIG), Apt dan Hotel Grand Ciumbuleuit 3 (3 Towers, BIG), Hotel Cavalo Pasir Kaliki, Apt. Pinewood (2 Towers, Jatinangor), Kampus Baru Unikom, Apartment Grand Setiabudi, RS Anak Melinda, Hotel Harris Pop (Festival City, Bandung), Mall Jatinangor Town Square (Jatos), Jatinangor, Mall Lingkar Selatan / Festival CityLink, Apt. Buah Batu Regency, Perumahan Citra Green Dago, Kampus BAIS, Perkuatan BCA Moch Toha, dsb.
Jogja area:
Hotel Whiz, Hartono Lifestyle Mall (350,000 m2), Jogja City Walk (65000 m2)
Surabaya, Sulawesi, Bali area:
Apartemen Waterplace (6 towers, JO PT Ketira), Sunset Condotel Bali, BCA Veteran Surabaya, BCA Jember, Hotel Santika Gramex Surabaya, Palu Grand Mall (Palu), dsb.
Padang, Medan, Batam, Jambi :
Hotel New Ambacang (Axana), SD Maria, SMU Don Bosco, SMP Frater, Vihara, Renovasi Wisma Sukma Indah (Heritage Building), Hotel JW Marriott (Medan), Batam City Square (BCS), Jambi Megamall (NGK), dsb.
Donggi Senoro LNG Facilities (Sulteng), Total Handil (Kaltim), Buhut Coal Mine (Pama), Teluk Timbau Coal Mine (Pama), Coal Mine and Port Facilities, (Berau), Bridge 30-60m, dll.
For each project we have applied the latest design method, standard and practices to achieve safety and strength requirement, servicability requirement, cost efficiency, and construction aspects according to the latest Indonesian building design and seismic code.
Scope of Works
Scope of works offered by our company includes:
  1. Design of Substructure: Foundation, Raft Foundation, Pile Foundation, Pilecap, Retaining Wall, Tie Beam, Ramp, Basement slab, Soldier Pile, Ground Anchor, Strutting and Excavation, etc
  2. Design of Upper Structure: Shearwall, Column, Beams, Slabs, Staircase, Canopy, Roof
  3. Design of Support Facilities: GWT, STP. Swimming Pool, Gondola supports, M&E Supports
  4.   Design of Steel and Concrete Bridges
  5. Design of Steel Tower
  6. Design of Mining Infrastructures
  7. Design of Port and Dolphin
  8. Design of Light Steel / Cold-formed Steel Structures
  9. Design of Strengthening and Retrofitting
  10. Structural Audit and Assessment
  11. Prefabrication and Prestressed Structures
  12. Modular Building Design
  13. CAD and Special Design Software Development
Design Facilities
Integrated Modeling, Analysis, Design, Detailing, Volume and Cost Estimation, Foundation Design and Detail Drawing Software using SANSPRO
ESRC Design tools for various structural and geotechnical designs




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