Engineering Software Research Centre (founded 1989)

Office: Jl. Situ Aksan 29, Bandung 40221, INDONESIA
Tel: +62-22-6012583, 6074668. Fax: +62-22-6003595
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Engineering Software Research Centre

About ESRC

ESRC is a research center founded by Dr. Nathan Madutujuh in 1989, focusing on development of advanced engineering software using latest numerical methods, software development tools, and available computer hardware technologies.
ESRC provides engineering software products at affordable cost to equip more engineers with better design tools to create better environment for the world.


We provides our engineering software and also special purpose software designed for specific industry needs. ESRC can also collaborate with other academic or research institutes to develop specific software for special needs.
With our vast knowledge and million lines of available source code and library, both numerical and 2D/3D graphics, we can deliver new software in short time.
ESRC Training Center
- Basic Building Design with SANSPRO (2 x 3 hours)
- Advanced Building Design with SANSPRO (2 x 3 hours)
- Steel Composite Bridge Design (3 hours)
- Light Steel Roof Truss Design (3 hours)
- Soil Laboratory Data Processing (4 hours)
OUR PRODUCTS:  ESRC Price List 2019
Building Design:
SANSPRO - Integrated Building Design
STEELCON - Steel Connection Design
DSGWIN - Concrete Section Designers
BEAMCOL - Beam Column Joint Design
PURLIN - Steel Purlin Design
NROOF - Light Steel Roof Design
GABLE - Preliminary Gable Frame Design
MATPLAN - Steel Material Planning
Foundation Design:
RETWALL - Retaining Wall Design Program
GRAVWALL - Gravity Wall Design Program
BASEMENT - Concrete Basement Design
PILECAP - Concrete Pilecap Design
FOOT - Spread Footing Program
NPILE - Static Pile Capacity Program
SOILAB - Soil Laboratory Data Processing
REESE - Pile Lateral Capacity Design
NSETTLE – 3D Pile group and Raft Settlement
NSLOPE - Slope Stability Analysis Program
BORLOG - Boring Log Program
Bridge and Culvert Designs:
CONBRIDGE - Concrete Bridge Design
CAMBER - Bridge Camber Analysis
NBRIDGE - Steel Composite Bridge Design
WinCANDE - Nonlinear Box Culvert Design
BRASDAT - BRASS Post-Processing
SapBRIDGE - SAP Bridge Post-Processing
INSPECT - Bridge Inspection Program
Retrofitting and Evaluation:
TOWERWIN - Steel Lattice Tower Design
TOWERPAD - Tower Foundation Pad Design
TFOOT - Tower Pad Tension Capacity






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