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Welcome to ESRC Homepage

Happy New Year 2024. Greetings !
Welcome to ESRC official homepage. In this new website, you can find various ESRC activities and researches, including :
Prefab house (RUKOM) and Modular Building, Engineering Software products (SANSPRO, SOILAB, NBRIDGE, NROOF, etc), Structural Audit Services, and Engineering Design Services.
In 2017, Government of Indonesia has released a revised Earthquake Map 2017. The new map reflects new earthquake data recorded since year 2000 and 295 new fault lines. The result is a significant increase in earthquake load, especially for regions near epicenters and fault lines.
Also the New Indonesian Concrete Code based on ACI-2014 and ACI-2017 has been released in 2019.
The latest version of SANSPRO V.5.30 Program has been released on February 14, 2024.
This is the first formal release of 64-bit version of the program, so the program is now able to utilize the maximum memory provided by the hardware used.
Also in this version, the out of core virtual dynamic array has been replaced by Dynamic Array with unlimited size (depends on the memory capacity). Using these approaches and other optimization, SANSPRO now can run with 3-5 times faster than the previous version.
ESRC currently is conducting research for a new Bridge Design Program capable to cover Standard Bridge to Cable Stayed Bridge.
The SANSPRO program will be extended also to support 3D Finite element objects and nonlinear soil model.
The new version is planned to be released at the end of 2024.
ESRC has been appointed as authorized distributor for LUSAS (a General Purpose 3D Finite Element Nonlinear Analysis for Static and Dynamic of Bridge and Building and Other Structures from UK). Hopefully with these newly added sofware, ESRC can covers all civil engineering fields.
New WA group for SANSPRO Student users has been created. This group can accomodate the need for all SANSPRO users to communicate, especially for beginners and CE students. The latest SANSPRO Student Version V.5.30 - 2024 can be downloaded from or
PT AMCK/ESRC has been appointed by CMS IntelliCad, USA to be their representative in Indonesia.
CMS IntelliCad is a powerful but affordable CAD solution for 2D, 3D, BIM, For Architectural, Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering drawings. Please check our website :

Best Regards,

Nathan Madutujuh

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Prefab House (RUKOM System)

Modular Residential Building System


Structural Audit, Assessment, Retrofitting and Strengthening

Laboratory Data Acquisition and Automation

Engineering Design Services

 Download Indonesia New Earthquake Map 2017

Download Indonesia New EQ Map 2017: Ss MapS1 Map, PGA Map


CMS IntelliCAD V.12.0 has been released !

New AMCK Office and ESRC Training Centre

We have moved to new office address since 2014:
Jl. Situ Aksan 29
Tel/Fax: 022-6003595, 6041685
(Direction: From Jakarta via tol road, exit tol Pasir Koja, Bandung)

ESRC Training

ESRC provides monthly training at ESRC Training Center (max 16 pax capacity).
Please register by phone to 022-6003595 (Ms. Devy) or WA to 087825670070 or
by e-mail to :
    Hotel near ESRC Training Center
          ESRC Training Centre in Bandung

Latest News

SANSPRO V.5.30 64-bit has been released in February 14, 2024.
Contact ESRC for upgrades.
ESRC is currently updating SANSPRO for latest Indonesian loading code and aseismic Steel Code.
The new code requires the use of nonlinear analysis for including buckling effects in the model analyzed.
NSETTLE3D has been developed by ESRC for evaluation of settlement of a pile group using Mindlin and Boussineq/Westergard theory of stress distribution.
AMCK/ESRC has founded a new research centre for prefab building called : Prefab Building Research Centre (PBRC). PBRC is currently active in developing Prefab House System (RUKOM) and Modular Highrise Building System.

Latest Paper from ESRC

HASTAG Seminar 2015:

Direct Nonlinear Analysis using Alpha Method (Faster than Riks-Wempner)
General Formulation of Tappered Frame Element using Gauss Numerical Integration

HAKI Seminar 2015:

Effect of Earthquake on Roof-top Swimming Pool

Working Papers:

Sequential Load Analysis for Tall Buildings (Construction Stage Load Analysis)
Static Condensation using Unit Load and Inverse of Flexibility Matrix
For more paper: Google with keyword ResearchGate.Net Nathan Madutujuh

Current On going Research by ESRC

1. Solid Finite Elements : TH4, TH10, SH8, SH20, SH27, TW6, TW15, TW18 elements
2. Nonlinear Material Model for Soil and Concrete
3. Automatic Mesh Generator (2D and 3D) with Weighted Control points

Join ESRC WA Group

Join ESRC-Group to get involve in interesting discussion of various topics on engineering software, especially using ESRC products. WhatsApp to (+62) 087825670070 to be added to the group.


Integrated Preliminary, Modeling, 3D Finite Element Static and Dynamic Analysis, Structure and Foundation Design, Steel Connection Design, Volume & Cost Estimation, Detail Drawing and Report Generator.



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