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Free SANSPRO V.5.10 - Student Version  (Alt. Download link from

Start Using SANSPRO V.5.10 (New Tutorial, Indonesian)  English Version

Steel Connection Design  Foundation Design  Raft Foundation Design  Prestress Beam Design

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SANSPRO (Structural Analysis and Design System) is a fully integrated software developed by ESRC for helping structural engineers in designing various kind of buildings and other structures. The program has been designed for local market and very affordable for local engineers.

 SANSPRO has the following features:

 General features:

 - Interactive 3D Modeling using Layout Oriented Method

- Visual Report (Color Code)

- Comprehensive Steel Database

- ELSET element data tables

- Large Model Size using Virtual Memory

- Linear Static, Static Equivalent, Dynamic Time History, Dynamic Response Spectrum Analysis

- Nonlinear Static Analysis


Building Specific Features:

- Preliminary Building Size

- Floor Slab Modeling, Generator, Design and Drawing (CIP, HCS, Metal Deck)

- Automatic Floor Loading

- Automatic Building Weight

- Construction Stage Analysis

- Multiple Tower, Multiple Diaphragm Analysis

- Earthquake Load Generator : Static, Dynamic, Diaphragm

- Floor/Beam/Column/Wall Layout Oriented Modeling

- Capacity Concrete Design: Beams and Columns

- Concrete Shearwall Design

- Prestressed Beam Design

- Comprehensive Building Report

- Volume and Cost Report

- Detail Drawing Generator for : Slab, Beam, Column, Shearwall

- Floor Diaphragm and Collector Design

- Pile Foundation and Pilecap Design


Foundation Design:

 - Pile Foundation Design

- Bored Pile Foundation Design

- Foot Plate Foundation Design

- Soldier Pile Design



SANSPRO is available for free download from Download SANSPRO V.5.10 Student Version. Download also the START Manual, the manual provides Step by Step Guide for Learning various features of SANSPRO program.

     Free SANSPRO V.5.10 - Student Version  (Alt. Download link from

     Start Using SANSPRO V.5.10 (New Tutorial, Indonesian)

     Start Using SANSPRO V.5.10 (New Tutorial, English)

     Steel Connection Design

     Foundation Design

     Raft Foundation Design

     Prestress Beam Design

The free version has all features of the standard version, only limited to 500 DOF, 4-story building.

Please contact ESRC for the Standard/Full Version and Corporate Version.







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